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Competitions are for pilots at
all skill levels!

Flying New Zealand promotes the development of the flying skills of its affiliated members by running the Flying NZ competitions for pilots at all levels, from trainee to the seasoned commercial pilot.

Competitions have been developed over the years and at National level include trophies donated by, or in the memory of, some of our country's earliest aviators and dignitaries.

Most clubs have teams which compete at the five Regional Rallies, which are held about November each year, with the winners qualifying to compete at the National Championships held the following February.

Flying NZ Competitions include, Precision flying, Aerobatics, Life Raft dropping, Formation Flying, Bombing, Navigation and Streamer cutting.

The Wings Trophy International competition between New Zealand and Australia is held each year, alternately in each country. The New Zealand team is selected from the highest performing competitors at the Regional Rallies and the previous years National winners.


  • Landing competitions
  • Bombing
  • Streamer cutting
  • Ground Judging
  • Formation
  • The grid
  • Aerobatics
  • The rewards

2017 Regional Competitions

International Competitions

The places were:

Aerobatics – Australia
Forced Landing – New Zealand
Spot Landing – Australia
Formation – New Zealand

The winner was determined by countback.

2018 National Championships Programme

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