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Welcome to Flying NZ Microlights!

Flying NZ continues to develop and support recreational flying.
Part of this process is by introducing new ideas and a more inclusive approach to recreational aviation groups.
We are working to assist our member clubs in their sport and recreational activities including incorporating more Microlight aircraft.
We have experienced members of the Executive that are available to advise clubs on how to manage new ideas, facilitate change and most importantly improve Risk Management.
Aero Club flying, no matter the aircraft type or age of the pilot is for sport and recreation, personal achievement, fun and most importantly of all flying in a safe environment. If you’re a Microlight Pilot looking for the next new challenge join your local Flying NZ Aero Club and ‘live to fly’.


Flying NZ Aero Club membership

As a Microlight Pilot of a Flying NZ aeroclub you will:

Enjoy the benefits of a free Flying NZ Membership Card.

You can obtain your Microlight Certificate for a $50.00 application fee which you only pay once.

Be part of a Pilot Proficiency Scheme designed for Microlight and GA pilots.

Become involved with youth in aviation through our Young Eagles program.

Participate in Regional and National Competitions. We have two dedicated competitions for Microlights. There are also other events at the Regional Competitions that if you win, guarantee you direct entry to the National Championships.

When you belong to an aero club you become part of an active social scene involving members and aircraft of all types.