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Pilot Proficiency

The Flying NZ Flying Proficiency Scheme promotes air safety and encourages general aviation and microlight pilots to continue with valuable proficiency training, providing the opportunity to attain a sequence of Pilot Proficiency badges and certificates. Flying NZ is committed to continue to develop and support flying as a sport and recreational activity, encouraging personal achievement, fun and participation in a safe environment.

The objectives of the Flying NZ Pilot Proficiency scheme are:

To recognise and record defined levels of pilot experience.

To encourage the improvement of pilot skills.

To foster the continuation of flight training in a manner which will present a reasonable challenge to pilots of all experience levels.

To identify and bring within reach of all licensed pilots a sequence of recognised standards of achievement toward which their efforts for self-improvement may be directed.

To recognise gains in piloting skills through participation in other Flying NZ activities (competition, record flying etc).

If you hold a PPL a RPL or an Advanced Microlight Certificate you can apply for a blue badge.

As above,with a total of 80 hrs and three Proficiency options for a red badge.

As above, with a total of 110 hrs and five Proficiency options for a bronze badge.

As above, with a total of 200 hrs and eight Proficiency options for a silver badge.

As above, with a total of 350 hrs (200 PIC) and twelve Proficiency options for a gold badge.