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Take a Trial lesson first!

All Clubs offer trial lessons as an introduction to learning to fly.

Even if you are a regular airline traveler, when you take to the air for the first time in the front seat of a light aircraft, the sheer exhilaration of handling the flight controls and the overwhelming unobstructed view of the world below will amaze you and likely convince you to continue with formal flight training.
Most Clubs also offer starter packages allowing you to progress, at your own pace, through the early stages of flight training.
Popular packages are:
In which you will learn:
- Basic aircraft handling
- Maintaining level flight
- Climbing and descending
- Basic aircraft handling
- Maintaining level flight
- Climbing and descending
- Turning
- As above plus
How to take off and land an aeroplane.


  • Meet your instructor
  • PreF flight briefing
  • Ready to go
  • The landing


What is a trial Lesson?

After booking your trial lesson, you will arrive at your chosen Club and be introduced to the professional flight instructor who will be taking you for your trial lesson.

After a short discussion on what you will be doing during your flight, you will walk with your instructor to the aeroplane that you will be flying.

You will sit in the left hand seat, the seat normally reserved for the "Pilot in command".
Your instructor will brief you about the controls you have in front of you and their effect on the aircraft.

After fitting your seat belt and a briefing on the safety features of your flight, the instructor will close the canopy and you will be ready for flight.
After startup, there are some "cockpit" checks to be made to ensure that the aircraft is ready for flight.

With a careful lookout for other aircraft on the ground and a radio call, under the guidance of your instructor you will taxi the aeroplane out to the threshold of the active runway ready for takeoff.

Once airborne you will be amazed by the wide open view you will get from the pilot's seat.  Your instructor will show you how the controls work in the air and under your instructors guidance, you will fly the aeroplane yourself. You will have control! You will feel the freedom of flight.

When you are back on the ground, you will  realise that you can fly.