Supporting Sport and Recreational Flying throughout New Zealand

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FLYING NEW ZEALAND Supporting Sport and Recreational Flying throughout New Zealand!

About Flying New Zealand

Flying NZ began over 80 years ago under a Royal Charter as the Royal New Zealand Aero Club Inc. (RNZAC).

It is the umbrella organisation for most Sport and Recreational flying organisations in New Zealand.

Flying NZ consists of an Executive body elected from member clubs thorough New Zealand.

Recognised by Civil Aviation, Flying NZ participates in the rule and regulation making process, as well as in other areas, on behalf of member Clubs and the wider General Aviation community.

Flying NZ is the New Zealand representative of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), and is the National Airsport Control for New Zealand. It is dedicated to promoting the highest possible standard of flight training and practice for recreational aviation.

Flying NZ runs regular seminars for Club instructors, safety and other seminars to members, as well as providing training and assistance with management to its member Clubs.

Regional, National and International flying competitions are held on an annual basis.

Our focus is increasing awareness and participation in flying for sport and recreation in New Zealand.

The original 1928 RNZAC logo

In 2005 the RNZAC Executive re branded the RNZAC as Flying New Zealand to better reflect its commitment as an all embracing body for Sport Aviation in New Zealand.

The Royal charter of the RNZAC is still embraced and the Royal New Zealand Aero Club Inc, remains the organisation's registered name.

Flying NZ is the FAI National Airsport Control for New Zealand - Representing