Greymouth Aero Club

Welcome to the Greymouth Aero Club
The Greymouth Aero Club was founded in 1933.
In the 1950s and 1960s, the club has changed from hiring aircraft for training of its members to owing its own aircraft.
Charter and scenic flight services were established in 1988 and subsequently become West Coast Scenic Flights and Charter. Today it operates as Air West Coast.
Concentrating on flight training and social activities is the core purpose of the Greymouth Aero Club today. 


Greymouth Aero Club
Aerodrome Rd,
03 7680407

Club Captain: Nick Hobart 03 7323189 0276881420
Secretary: Peter McIntosh 03 7680719 
CFI: Laurie Anderson 037556252
Safety Officer: Cheryl Culling 93 7626824