Waikato Aero Club

The Waikato Aero Club has been proudly training pilots since 1933 at Rukuhia (Hamilton International Airport) south of Hamilton City.
The club offers a wide range of training options, from entry level to professional pilot level for those who want a career in the airlines.
Our club members compete in flying competitions and getaways for leisure, often to the club's great lodge at Great Barrier Island. (Offered to other Flying NZ members also)
We have a Fleet of eight aircraft both high and low wing, from two seat trainers to a fully IFR twin and a twin IFR simulator. Coming very soon are three new Alpha 160A trainers.
New Zealand offers a stable climate, excellent visibility and beautiful scenery in close proximity and is a great place to learn to fly.
For more detailed information on our great club, flight training, aircraft and facilities, air charter, scenic flights, banner towing and other services please contact us or visit our website.
Ph: +64 07 843 5655
Email: info@flywaikato.co.nz