Wellington Aero Club

Flying from the heart of the Capital

The Wellington Aero Club has been specialising in flight instruction since 1929 and offers flight training and aircraft hire 7 days a week, flying out of Wellington International Airport.

The Club is only 10minutes drive from the CBD allowing you to be in the pilots seat within minutes giving great flexibility in your training programme.

Wellington is an excellent, realistic, training environment, offering variety and contributing to a skill level not often available at other airfields. Once you have trained at Wellington you will have little difficulty flying into most airfields and airports around the country and overseas.

We have a Piper Tomahawk training fleet and offer a wide range of other planes including Piper Cherokees, Cessna C172 and CJ6 Nanchang aircraft.
Phone: 04 3888 444
Website: http://www.flywellington.co.nz