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2021 Conference Report

We’ve just had our latest Flying NZ AGM and Conference in Wellington. It wouldn’t be Wellington without some interesting weather and some had their flights cancelled at the last minute. As they say, safety first.

A massive thank you to all our speakers! These speakers covered important topics such as pilot mental health, ADSB and EFB apps, changes to legislation which will affect incorporated societies, SMS, and much more. We also had an address from the new Director of Civil Aviation, Keith Manch, including a Q&A session with him. Dr Dave Baldwin’s presentation on Living Life to the Max over dinner was entertaining and educational as always!

In the past year or so, Flying NZ has worked hard for you. In addition to the Regional and National competitions we worked with CAA to gain approval for essential maintenance flights during the lockdown. We have advocated for, and supported the introduction of, the DL9 as a viable medical for many club pilots

We have continued to support the Young Eagles and Proficiency programmes, and have been able to offer clubs tailored advice and support where requested. We are presently starting a digital marketing campaign to further support clubs.

We will be making a few changes this year. The first thing is that we will make a better effort to communicate the value we offer to all clubs. We start this month with some basic stats. There’s more to come next month. This will help to explain the benefits of your club belonging to Flying NZ.

If you, or other club members feel you are not getting enough information from us, a first step may be to sign up to our newsletter.

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