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JULY 2020

The RNZAC Annual General Meeting is being held electronically.

Step 1. All Flying NZ clubs are requested to appoint and register one delegate to vote on behalf of their club. The link to download the registration form which will be available until July 11th is:
Step 2. The 2020 annual report, 2020 financial report, the minutes of the 2019 AGM as well as the 2021 budget are embodied in the 2020 Flying NZ Annual Report, which is available on this web page and will also be emailed to clubs.
Step 3. Voting on any executive positions, notices of motion and some housekeeping matters, as usually conducted at a physical AGM, will be by delegates only and the voting link will be advised directly to the registered delegates on the 3rd of July.
Open Forum. 
A three-thread forum will be launched, where all club members, executive members, delegates, and CEO/CFIs etc. can ask questions and make comments and generally participate as though they were in a physical meeting.
The threads, separated only for clarity will be the Annual Report, 2020 Financial report and 2021 Budget.
A separate registration is required to participate in the forum, which is done at the first visit. The link to the forum will be part of the annual report package released on June 30th.


Voting and the forum will close at noon on Saturday 18th July to allow the scrutineers to count the votes.

The forum link will reopen at 3pm that day to announce the results.


Recreational Aviation Restored
All aviation activity is permitted under Level 1 COVID-19 restrictions. That includes: air transport, commercial and agricultural aviation, general aviation, private business flying and all recreational aviation activities. You can fly to any destination within New Zealand.
Dual training flights are permitted providing the "Guidance for aviation activity" conditions (below) are followed.


As a result of the uncertainty created by the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly as it relates to the ability to travel within our country, the Flying NZ Executive decided to cancel the 2020 Flying NZ conference.

A further major factor in making this decision was that our clubs will already be feeling financial pressure from not being able to operate for at least the four week Level 4 Alert lock-down period and will be keen to make cost savings wherever possible.

It has been announced that there will be significant pilot redundancies in the airline industry. It will take some time for both domestic and international airline passenger numbers to get back to pre pandemic levels. Only the full recovery of our tourism industry will create pre pandemic demands.

While we have canceled the conference, the Flying NZ Executive is keen to help clubs maintain the passion for flying that is the fabric of Sport and Recreational flying in New Zealand. Please allow the discussion that may have taken place during the Conference sessions or even around the bar continue

Clubs and affiliated members are welcome to share their ideas on how Flying NZ can help clubs stimulate Sport and Recreational activity once the present flying ban is over.

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