2019 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPSNORTH SHORE AIRPORT 13 - 16th February 2019 - Hosted by the North Shore Aero Club

Welcome to the North Shore Aero Club

We look forward to seeing you at North Shore Airport. The North Shore Aero Club team are working hard to provide an enjoyable time for you.

Please ensure that all members of your competition team receive a copy of the attached booklet below. As you go through it you will find some helpful information, to help you plan your trip to North Shore Airport. We hope you enjoy the competitions and have lots of fun, whether you are competing or supporting.

Breakfast and lunch will be available each day, Wednesday to Saturday, at the clubhouse $15.00 each. We have an International Buffet on Thursday evening $35, a Ham on the bone dinner on Friday evening $35. The Presentation Dinner cost has been reduced to $80. If you have already paid you will be contacted about a refund.

All meals are at the Club and are payable on line when registering.

Transport to and from airport will be arranged when numbers are known. Please contact the NSAC to let us know your requirements.

FUEL – Air BP is available at the pumps. Air BP swipe card required. Non cardholders can purchase fuel through the North Shore Aeroclub.

contact Lisa execsec@flyingnz.co.nz
for further information


Only $20 if ordered at the time of registering.
Tuesday 12th February 2019
  Arrivals and practice.
Wednesday 13th February 2019
0900 Aerobatics and Formation practice.
1200 Lunch
1230 Judges' Briefing
1300 Competitors' Briefing - All Wildcard competitors must attend.
1330 Wildcard Competitions start.
Thursday 14th February 2019
0700 Judge's Briefing
0730 Breakfast
0800 Competitor Briefing - All Navigation, Aerobatics and formation competitors must attend.
0900 Competitions - Navigation and Aerobatics.
1200 Lunch
1230 Competitors briefing - Formation, Liferaft and Bombing competitors.
1300 2 Ship Formation competition.
1400 Liferaft and Bombing Competitions.
1800 Dinner
Friday 15th February 2019
0700 Judges Briefing
0730 Breakfast
0800 Competitor Briefing - All competitors must attend.
0900 Circuit and Grid competitions start.
1200 Lunch
1300 Circuit and Grid competitions resume.
1800 Dinner
Saturday 16th February 2019
0700 Judges Briefing.
0730 Breakfast
0800 Competitor Briefing - All competitors must attend.
0900 3 Ship Formation competition.
Jay Peters Trophy.
1200 Lunch
1300 Gloucester Trophy - Microlight - FAI sports display.
1900 Presentation Dinner.