Have a trial flight at an Aero Club near you.
Experience for yourself what it will be like to learn to fly!

It is also your opportunity to discover what being a member of an Aero Club can offer you.

DO I NEED A TRIAL FLIGHT?Take a trial lesson at your local aero club.

What will a trial flight be like?

If you have never been behind the controls of a light aircraft before, your first impressions will most likely be overwhelming.

The view out the windows, the exhilaration of the take-off, the sheer magic when you fly the plane (with the assistance of an experienced instructor of course) and the approach and landing will not only amaze you but most likely be more than you can absorb in your trial flight.

When you are back on the ground It may seem a bit of a blur and you may wonder whether you would ever be able to gain the skills necessary to be able to fly an aircraft by yourself.

After your flight you will have the opportunity to discuss on a one to one basis with your instructor the various aspects of flying, what you experienced in your trial flight and how to progress from that point.

Your next lesson will be more focused. While the exhilaration of flying will still be there, you will feel more comfortable and you will be starting a structured syllabus of flight training, which will culminate in you being the holder of a pilots licence or certificate.

What is learning to fly like?

Regardless whether you fly a Microlight, Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) or General Aviation Aircraft (GA), learning to fly is totally different to any sport or recreational activity you have ever undertaken before. Learning to fly is learning how to safely manoeuvre an aircraft in a three dimensional space. This can be challenging but it is also rewarding.

Your instructor will teach you how to make the aircraft climb, descend, turn and fly straight and level. You will also learn about basic stalling and how to recognise when the aircraft is flying too slowly. You will learn how to pre flight your aeroplane and how to handle the aircraft on the ground. Your instructor will then teach you the circuit. Here you will learn to take off and land your aircraft and put all the skills you previously learnt into practice. When your instructor is satisfied you can take off, fly the circuit accurately and land safely every time, you will fly your first solo circuit.

After you have become proficient in the circuit, you will commence your advanced training. This is a very enjoyable stage where you will learn all the additional skills necessary to gain your licence.

What you need to know first.

Most of the people who take a trial flight enjoy the experience and want to learn to fly. Some may not commence immediately because of time or financial limitations. While flying is no more expensive than many other recreational activities such as skiing, boating or golf, the skill level required to obtain a licence usually needs to be acquired faster.

To be able to fly solo, you will need to pass a medical. Your first solo flight is likely to be after 10 to 15 hours of dual training with your instructor.

The medical requirements are different for the different licence types. A sensible approach is to commence your flight training, but within the first two or three hours of training, obtain the appropriate medical certificate.

In the unlikely event that your medical examination reveals a permanent condition that prohibits the issue of a medical certificate, you will not be able to fly solo.

This does not stop you joining your Aero Club, taking further dual flights, joining in club activities and enjoying the social activities of the club and the fellowship of other aviators.