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Learning to Fly
Sport and Recreational Flying at its best!
  • Learn to fly Flying is fun!
  • Flying for the YoungFlying NZ's Young Eagles
  • Pilot ProficiencyEnhance your skills
  • Competition FlyingAt Club, National or International competitions
  • Flying for recreationFlyaways, Rallies and Safaris
  • Formation flyingA team skill
  • Cross Country FlyingFly yourself to any airport in New Zealand

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About learning to Fly.

If you've ever dreamed of flying.
Your local Aero Club provides flight training from the first introductory flight, through to solo and on to your private, or commercial pilots licence, including multi engine and instructor ratings. The choice is yours. Whether your aim is recreational or a professional career path, your Aero Club will train you to the highest standard with safety always foremost.

Can anybody learn to fly?
You can learn to fly at any age but solo flight is not allowed until the age of 16. You do not need a special licence to begin, only a valid medical certificate from an approved medical examiner.

How much does it cost?
Aircraft hire rates vary from Aero Club to Aero Club, due to varying factors such as aircraft type, location and facilities offered. You pay as you go and the costs can be spread over whatever time period that suits you and your budget.
Most Clubs offer you the opportunity to take an introductory flight to allow you to judge for yourself whether you are keen to continue with further training.


  •  Effect of controls
  • In the circuit
  • Cross country flying



What can I expect?

Learning to fly totally different to any sport orĀ  recreational activity that you have ever undertaken before. Learning to fly is learning how to safely maneuver an aircraft in a three dimensional space. This can be challenging but it is also immensely rewarding.

If you have already had a trial lesson, your first few lessons will be the effect of controls. Your instructor will teach you how to make the aircraft climb, descend, turn and to fly straight and level. You will also learn about basic stalling and how to recognise when the aircraft is flying too slowly. You will learn how to pre flight your aeroplane and how to handle the aircraft on the ground.

Your instructor will then teach you the circuit.
Here you will learn to takeoff and land your aircraft and put all the skills you previously learnt into practice. You will have several hours of dual instruction in the circuit and when your instructor is satisfied you can takeoff, fly the circuit accurately and land safely every time, you will fly your first solo circuit.

Once you have completed five hours of solo flying in the circuit, your instructor will teach you advanced flying including, forced landings, short landings, advanced stall recovery, navigation and cross country flying. This flying is a mixture of dual instruction and solo flying and is a very enjoyable time in your training. After some revision of all of your skills you will be ready for your flight test.

Along with learning flying skills you will learn about flying in controlled air space and integrating with the aviation community.