Have you ever wondered about Flying?

It could be the beginning of a lifetime hobby or career!

YOUNG EAGLES Introducing our youth to aviation opportunities

About Young Eagles

As a Young Eagle member you will get the opportunity to experience flying for yourself.

You will have the opportunity to actually fly in an aircraft, experience how it works and look down on the world below from inside the safety of an aircraft.

Does this sound exciting to you? Would you like to enjoy this wonderful experience? You can, because this is an invitation to you to take to the skies and become a member of the Flying NZ Young Eagles.

Contact your local Aero Club and they will welcome you into their programme. You will be given a Young Eagles registration form, please make sure that you fill it in correctly and don’t forget to get your parents/guardians to sign the permission form. You must be between the ages of 12 and 18. 

Return the form to your Aero Club. They will introduce you to their coordinator and to a pilot who has been given special permission to conduct your flight. Your Special Pilot has been chosen because he or she is a very safe and competent pilot.

Senior Young Eagles can enter for Scholarships and attend events that are run by Flying NZ for its Young Eagle members.

Have you ever wondered about Flying?

As a member of Flying New Zealand's Young Eagle programme you will not have to wonder any more as you will get the chance to experience flying for yourself. Whether you are interested in aviation for a career, for recreation or you are just curious to find out what it is all about, Young Eagles might just be the starting point for your aviation adventure.

What will my first flight be like?

You will be introduced to your pilot. Your pilot not only has all the right licenses and medical certificates, but has been selected by the Aero Club as someone who is experienced with the aircraft type you will be in.

You will be shown how to pre-flight the aircraft and taken through the safety procedures for being in an operating area and the aircraft itself. After a thorough briefing you will get in the aircraft, put on your headset so you can hear all the radio calls and strap in.

Your pilot will talk you through all the pre-takeoff checks then line up on the runway. The engine will rev up and the aircraft will start rolling forward. You will be able to talk to the pilot throughout the flight and see exactly what is going on. After what seems no time at all, you will be lining up to land and touching down.

YOUNG EAGLE SCHOLARSHIPS Helping our youth achieve their aviation dreams

Ross Macpherson Memorial Scholarship
Ross was enthusiastic about all aspects of aviation and made a substantial grant to Flying NZ, for scholarships, shortly after the Young Eagle programme started in New Zealand. More recently these scholarships have been funded by our generous industry partners, Airways Corporation, Civil Aviation Authority, ASPEQ and AVSURE.

There are six Ross Macpherson Memorial Scholarships of $3,200 available each year to Young Eagles members who are between 15 and 18 years old on 1 December. Entries open in October each year.
Each club may enter as many applicants as they wish.
The scholarship winners must attend the Flying NZ National Championships held in March the following year, where the scholarships are formally presented.

Nelson Aviation College
Kirk Samuel Dakers Memorial Scholarship
One scholarship of $3,000 is available to Young Eagles members who are between 15 and 18 years old.
An Aero Club can enter only one applicant, as determined by the Club. The winner must attend the Flying NZ National Championships the following March, where the scholarship will be formally presented.

This Scholarship has been made available in honour of Kirk Daker who was an an enthusiastic instructor at the college until he became ill and passed away in 2014.

Our Valued Sponsors


2019 Flying NZ Ross Macpherson Memorial Young Eagles Flying Scholarships
HEIDI VOGEL – Overall winner
South Canterbury Aero Club
LUCY LABY, South Canterbury Aero Club
South Canterbury Aero Club
GEMMA DOUGLAS, North Shore Aero Club
BEN ALEXANDER, Marlborough Aero Club

2019 Flying NZ Waypoints Aviation Young Eagles Scholarship
South Canterbury Aero Club

2019 Flying NZ Nelson Aviation College Kirk Samuel Dakers Memorial Scholarship
SAM INSKEEP, Tauranga Aero Club

2019 ServiceIQ Gateway Flying NZ Flight Training Scholarship
TIA WARWICK, Oxford Area School and Canterbury Aero Club

ServiceIQ Flying NZ Scholarship
One scholarship of $2,000 is available to any Gateway Aviation student who is in Year 12 or 13 at the scholarship closing date.
Each club may enter as many applicants as they wish. The scholarship winner will be presented with their scholarship by their sponsoring Aero Club at a date and time that suits the club and the student’s Gateway Programme leader.
The application period for each of the above scholarships closes at early November.
An applicant that wins one of the available scholarships is excluded from winning any other scholarship administered by Flying NZ in the same year.

Flying NZ Waypoints Aviation Young Eagles Scholarship
Waypoints Aviation produce pilot training manuals and mock exams which are used by students working toward their pilots licence.
One scholarship of $3,000 and a Waypoints Aviation Private Pilot Licence Kit comprising a set of five self-study books is presented each year at the Flying NZ National Championships. The scholarship funds and books will be a significant help to anyone who is committed to continuing their flight training and passing the Private Pilots Licence exam subjects.
The Scholarship is available to a Young Eagles member each year who has achieved their first solo flight and can demonstrate their commitment to attaining their Private Pilots Licence.  Applications open in October of each year.  The scholarship winner must attend the Flying NZ National Championships to be formally presented with their scholarship.


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North Shore's Young Eagles

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