Canterbury Aero Club - West Melton

Welcome to West Melton.

The Canterbury Aero Club, established in 1928 at Wigram airfield, is based at Christchurch International Airport and has branches at Rangiora and West Melton airfields.

The Club’s private airfield at West Melton is just five minutes flying time away from Christchurch International Airport.

The Airfield is wholly owned and operated by the Club and is an ideal environment for ab-initio training, away from the busy environment of Christchurch Airport. Members learning at Christchurch often fly to West Melton during their traning.

A modern clubhouse and large hangar cater for member's needs. There are instructors on duty at the weekends and other times on demand.

For detailed information on learning to fly, gift vouchers and aircraft rates, visit our website.

Ph: 03 359-2121