Gisborne Aero Club

Welcome to the Gisborne Aero Club

First established in 1930, the Club is based at Gisborne Airport on the historic Darton Field, home of 30 Squadron and their Grumman Avengers during World War two.
Whilst not owning any aircraft, a close relationship with Air Gisborne Ltd means that club members have access to a Grumman AA5 and Cessna 172 for training and private hire. Privately owned aircraft on the field include a 1940 DH82A Tiger Moth operated by an enthusiastic syndicate.
Club membership hovers around the 25 mark so local aviation organisations are encouraged to make use of the bar facilities to help make ends meet.
In previous years club members have been active in Flying NZ competitions with success at regional and national level. The club has also hosted these events and has been a much anticipated stopover on the Round New Zealand Air Safaris.
Visitors are always welcome and aviators are encouraged to contact the club should they be in the area.
Contact: Robyn Stuart-Kohn, Secretary          
Ph  021 161 6557