Tauranga Aero Club

Welcome to the Tauranga Aero Club

Located at Tauranga Airfield in the sunny Bay of Plenty. The club will celebrate it's 90th Anniversary in 2022. The club has a long established reputation as a flight training organisation and as a club specialising in looking after pilots who love to fly.

The Aero Club has a large number of members who privately own aircraft and enjoy the association and friendship the club has to offer.

If you are learning, or wish to learn to fly the Club has four Cessna 152s including an Aerobat, and two Cessna 172s, available for hire and training.

Join the Aero club and you join many other pilots who are flying for the sheer enjoyment of the sport.


Ph 07 575 3210
Tauranga Aero Club
Phone 07 5753210